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TM 2680A Positive and negative filming machine for curve-shaped real wood
Vacuum Press    
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Product Introduction:
Positive and negative filming machine for curve-shaped real wood

General Introduction:

This machine is just for filming the real wood. It can work with both positive pressure and negative pressure. With the special silicon sheet, it can paste the cabinet door with both sides at one time.

1Key components in the hydraulic pressure system are imported, which are safe and reliable. The oil tanks are divided into two groups and become more sustained.
2The equipment control system uses PLC from foreign. It has advanced technology and is highly automatic.
3The vacuum pump is from Germany. The horsepower is strong and it can keep good condition all the time. The vacuum feature is well performed.

Technical Specifications
Exterior size 3000 mm1500 mm2650mm
Working plate size 2040 mm1080mminner size
Rating working pressure positive pressure0.5Mpa  negative pressure-0.095Mpa
General Power 41.2kW
Actual power consumption     about13kW
Weight 10T
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