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MZ73216 MZ73226 Six Lining Multi-Axle Woodworking Driller
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The Big Pic
Product Introduction:
1.A machine can work as three machines:one six-raw drilling machine and two three-raw drilling machines;
2.Using branded touch screenand adopting PLC contol system(optional),the product is powerful and low failure rate;
3.The driller covers a large scope,and all the bits join fast,so it is quick and coneenient;
4.The drilling depth and distance are controled by photoelectric switch(optional)and linear guide, so it can find out the locations quickly and accrately;
5.Using imported brand-name original platoon driller,electrical machine and linear guide,so it is durable;
6.Selection of high quality steel machine parts,and it is never performed by high-strenth heat treatment;
7.Equipped with digital calculator to measure sizes which enhances the work efficiency.

Technical Features
MZ73216    MZ73226
Max drill diameter:    35mm  35mm
ax working depth:      60mm  60MM
Length between vertical spindle heads:     130-3250mm     130-3250mm
Number of spindle:    21*6   21*2+11*8
Spindle speed:    2840r/min  2840r/min
Install powe:    1.5kw*6   1.5kw*6
Air Pressure:    6-8kg/cm2  6-8kg/cm2
verall size:    4600*1500*1600mm  4600*1500*1600mm

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