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Product Introduction:
1.The double-face gluing and edging unit is the patent of our company,gluing and unit adopt lower glue tank,Dual-screwy feeding unit,to make feeding gule conveniently and equally.
2.Edge trmming unit to trim the exceeding edge on the top and the bottom side of the panel.It's complete with two motors and copying.
3.Buffing unit is for cleaning of the edge.It's composed by two independent motors and two cotton polishing wheels.

Main technical parameter:
Thickness of Panel:10-40mm
Min.wideth of panel:min.60mm
Min.length panel:min.160mm
Width of edge:15-45mm
Thickness of edge Panelfeed speed:11.6m/min
Tatal Power:5.03kw
Air pressure:0.6MPa
Outline size:2400*750*1400mm
Net Weight:600kg
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